Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The What, Why and Who's of the Everyday Ironman Project

First the What –
We are working on a book that will document the Ironman training of people who are not professional athletes.  We want to capture in photos and words not only the training but also life outside of triathlons.  The idea is to show how the average person deals with training, work, and family.

Now, the Why –
If you have watched the network broadcast of an Ironman race, there are two types of athletes that get profiled.  There are the professionals and then there are the athletes who overcame some type of challenge.  Similarly, if you peruse the sports section at Barnes and Nobles, you will find several books about the Ironman distance race.  Most of these are how-to books that focus on training.  A few are a collection of race reports, but none really focus on the average person, the hard work they put in, the task of balancing work, home and training and their overall Ironman experience.  We want to fill that gap. 

We have had something like this on our minds for several years.  We have several objectives:
  1. Finally act on the idea, use our creative side to deliver a book that documents the Ironman experience.
  2. Provide to the T3 Ironman Coeur D’Alene athletes, a chronicle of their six month journey to the finish line.
  3. Develop the book in a professional manner so that commercial consideration is an option.
And finally, the Who –
Jane Bui, Gordon McGregor and Jim Opre.  All three will be posting here about our plans, progress and thoughts.

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  1. my hubby did a self published book a year or so ago...we can help ya with that process if that's a way that you might want to pursue...just let me know :)